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Program Coordinator Position Available

[Image description]: Three people are seated around a table, upon which there is a green vase filled with purple, yellow and red flowers, with many green offshoots. On the far right of the picture is a pale skinned feminine-presenting person with dark reddish-brown hair in a blue button-up top, holding a pen on top of a pad of paper. She is looking at the two other people. To her immediate right is a dark brown skinned feminine-presenting person in a green button-up top, holding a small red booklet. On the far left there is a pale skinned masculine-presenting person in a dark blue button-up shirt with a blue and yellow checkered tie, holding a pen on top of a black file folder filled with paper.SAVIS of Halton is hiring for a (28 hours/week) program coordinator.  We are looking for a dynamic, skilled woman or woman-identified person with a commitment to the design, management and implementation of a variety of programs.

  • Related experience and post-secondary education in social work, education, child and youth development or a related field
  • Excellent organizational, administrative, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a busy environment
  • Willingness to flex hours during busy periods

For full details and contact information please refer to attached job posting: Program Coordinator
The position closes January 9, 2015.